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  • Creative Journaling
  • HEART Talks Program
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Yantra Yoga

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  • Emotional Wellness
  • Chakra Healing
  • Creative Speech
  • Energy Painting
  • Healing Movement


  • ShriYantra
  • Landscape of the Soul
  • Forest Heals
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Flower of Life


Dear Tripti,

My Mentor, My Guru, My Guide. I just wanna thank U. I have no words to express.
The journey was just amazing. Now, I feel the change in me. How beautiful was the process. And now I understood what was I missing. Now I actually understood the meaning of Chakra opening. Cleansing and power of open Chakras.
Now I just want to work on finances and I know that will happen effortlessly too.
Thank U so much. 😘

Deepti Chheda

Counseling Psychologist, BrainGym Facilitator, Certified Bach Flower Therapist

You take medicines when you get ill. but ALL healing and cleansing process stops illness visiting your temple body.
Trishti. Absolutely doing great. keep doing.

Haresh Desai


Tree of Life…
We all have seen pictures of The Tree of Life painted in golden colour ( I have it as a motif on my Saree blouse as well !!!) and I was always attracted towards it so when this workshop was announced by Tripti , I immediately registered for it. The day dawned and I entered Trishti Healing Arts Center, I was thinking that we will be drawing and painting  the tree but when I saw the pictures on the wall , it was totally a different thing….and that moment I dropped all the prenotions that I had and just went with the flow . With a fantastic teacher and guide like Tripti, the process was very easy yet very profound. Slowly and steadily she holds and takes us on the path. I felt the quietness inside, much much deep than the silence. I felt that everything is done for me in that realm. I am complete . I witnessed the stillness like never before.
I am extremely grateful to you Tripti. 🙏 Loads of Guru blessings for your journey ahead.
 And yes ….we painted the tree as well…😊

Anuradha Kale

Art of living Teacher and Trainer
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